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2012 Convention Brings Smiles, Learning & Friendship!


Once again the MMA membership and board of directors convened at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort on February 1 & 2 to hold our 2012 convention, membership meeting and elections.

Our Wednesday night reception featured 11 exhibitors all of whom were able to greet visitors with a Michigan made wine or craft beer accompanied by special hors d'oeuvres. This interactive socializing format has become a convention favorite and we plan on continuing this tradition annually.

Our board elections took place Thursday morning, and Our executive Committee was reelected to serve a second year in that capacity. Following our business session, Rich Studley, President of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce spoke on the current political climate in Lansing and graded the Governor and legislature on their efforts to improve Michigan's business climate. Mike Blum, of Foster Swift discussed the impact of social media in the workplace and our closing speaker, Michael Suman offered tips on successful negotiating.

Our next convention will likely move to Detroit as we are overdue to return to the Motor City for this event. Watch for information in upcoming emails, newsletters and the MMA website on topics, speakers, and fun activities. We hope you can attend!

2011 Spring Compliance Seminar

May 12, 2011


The 2011 Spring Compliance Seminar, held on May 12 in Lansing, received high marks from those movers in attendance. Paul Millenbach, Esq. of Foster Swift, reviewed the procedures and laws regarding warehouseman's liens and provided a handout for each attendee to use as a future reference point when facing these decisions.

Following some opening remarks and discussion with new MPSC Motor Carrier Division Director, Daniel Blair, Cynthia Swix, Auditor from the MPSC reviewed the tariff and how to properly utilize the pricing schedule, bill for special services and maintain compliance with other provisions. This is a must-attend session for movers new to the tariff and the MMA and MPSC will likely offer this event again in the fall, targeting newer and smaller movers who may be unfamiliar with all the provisions of the tariff.

Sgt. Tim Byrne from the Traffic Safety Division closed the session with an informative discussion of common on-road violations, a review of driver safety practices and other truck maintenance procedure suggestions.

Our thanks to our speakers, and those movers who took time out of their schedule to support their association and attend this worthwhile event!!

Understanding the Tariff Seminar

April 29, 2011


Thank you everyone that was able to make it to the Understanding the Tariff Seminar on Thursday, April 29. The Seminar was a great success. The Association had over 50 moving companies show up to learn about the Michigan Intrastate Tariff. We learned a lot from our great speakers and the audience had terrific questions for them. The MMA would like to thank the members of the Michigan Public Service Commission, Motor Carrier Division that made it to this event, Ron Howe and Ken Roth attended along with Bob Tuttle, Cindy Swix, Brad Banks and Michael Fielek. We would also like to thank Officer Austin from the Michigan State Police and Paul Millenbach from Foster Swift Collins and Smith, PC.

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