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Please take time and review this estimate, especially the inventory of items to be moved to ensure its accuracy. Pending your review and approval, you will be asked to accept this estimate by providing your digital signature to confirm you have accepted the inventory of items to be moved, the estimated cost, and the terms and conditions. Once you have accepted, Two Men And a Truck will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.

Estimate Information

Note: For your security, we are only showing the city for the Origin and Destination addresses.

Shipper Information

Name of Shipper: John Doe (For Training Purpose Only)

Phone of Shipper: (734) 973-6683

Address of Shipper: Ann Arbor

Carrier Information

Name of Carrier: Two Men And a Truck

Phone of Carrier: (734) 973-6683

Address of Carrier: 125 Dino Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

Origin/Destination & Notify Address

Origin: Ann Arbor

Destination: Petoskey

Notify Address: Ann Arbor

Additional Stop 1 Address: Petoskey

Packing/Loading/Delivery Dates

Loading Date Requested: 03-15-2022

Delivery Date Requested: 03-16-2022

Miles & Estimated Weight

Miles: 93

Estimated Weight: 4,200 lbs

Estimated Charges

Transportation Charge:$1,609.44

Fuel Surcharge ($1.63/mi):$151.59

Flight of Stairs Charge:$210.00

Elevator Charge:$105.00

Carrying Distance Charge:$315.00

Extra Stop:$112.32

Valuation Estimate (Opt. B - $300 Deduct.):$138.60

Total Estimated Charges:$2,641.95

Estimate Terms and Conditions

This estimate covers only the articles and services listed. It is not a warranty or representation that the actual charges will not exceed the amount of the estimate. Common carriers are required by law to collect transportation and other service charges computed on the basis of rates shown in their lawfully published tariffs, regardless of prior rate quotations or estimates made by the carrier or its agents;. Transportation charges are based upon the weight of the goods transported, and such charges may not generally be prior to the time the goods are loaded on the van and weighed.

No guarantee can be made as to the specific dates of pickup or delivery of your shipment, unless you make special arrangements with the carrier for expedited service, for which an additional charge will normally be made.

At time of delivery of a collect on delivery shipment, except when such shipment is delivered to a warehouse for storage at the request of the shipper, on which an estimate to the approximate costs have been furnished by the carrier, the shipper may request delivery of the shipment upon payment, in a form acceptable to the carrier, of an amount not exceeding 110 percent of the estimate charges. The carrier shall, upon request of the shipper and a promise to pay the balance, relinquish possession of the shipment upon payment of not more than 11O percent of the estimate charges for a period of 30 days following the date of delivery. Alter 30 days, an interest rate of one (1) percent, per month, (annual percentage rate twelve (12) percent) or fraction there of shall apply on the unpaid balance. Changes will be no higher than the actual charges determined from the applicable tariffs.

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